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Broussard: 337-330-2025


Commercial Diving Supply owner, Scott Croft has over 20  years experience in the commercial diving industry. Scott started out as an entry level Tender and moved up through the ranks as Diver, Supervisor, and OPS Manager.

Our services include:

  • Authorized service of all Kirby Morgan Dive Systems International Helmets, Superlites, Bandmasks, Full Face Masks, Regulators, and Air Control Systems
  • Authorized to teach Kirby Morgan Dive Systems International Operator/User Training
  • Authorized Service of Interspiro Divator (AGA) Mask
  • Authorized Service of Ocean Technology Systems (OTS) Guardian Mask
  • Authorized Service of Divex Global Ultrajewel 601 Helium Reclaim Helmet
  • Authorized Sherwood and Genesis Scuba 1st and 2nd Stage Regulator Overhaul
  • Certified PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspection (VIP) of “Bailout” (SCUBA) and SCBA Cylinders
  • DOT approved Hydrostatic Testing on “Bailout” (SCUBA) and SCBA Cylinders
  • Pneumo Gauge Calibration
  • Compressor Air Quality Testing
  • Commercial Diving Harness Visual Inspection (IMCA Standards)
  • 1st Stage Intermediate Pressure Testing

We look forward to assisting you. For questions regarding our services, please call us at 337-330-2025 or visit our contact page.